Our mixer work according to the ZETTL-ETS®-System and ensure a high mixing quality and product quality. They are used for the processing of bulk materials such as powder and dusts but as well for fibres, pastes and sludges. Depending on the requirements ETS®-Mixers are used for batchwise as well as for continuous applications. 


Liquid laden solids are dried with the ZETTL-ETS®-Dryer in an energy conscious, gently and environmentally friendly method. We produce low-speed as well as high-speed paddle dryers, which are used for continuous as well as for batch dryers. An important part of our product range is the former BUSS paddle dryer programme. 


Mixing granulators are developed for continuous and discontinuous treatment of sludges and dusts. Over the past years, they are being used as well in highly resistant applications for granulating sinter mixtures. A patented, two-step procedure for the continuous granulation is used specifically in the iron and steel industry as well as in environmental engineering and shows successful results. 


The storage tanks are used for the storage of chemicals, resp. flammable and water polluting liquids. They are subject to strict statutory stipulations and must be approved by the competent authorities.


Dosing stations are functional units for conveying and dosing liquids and solids of various kind. They play an important role for the quality of the finished product in combination with the other relevant procedure steps.


Treatment plants typically consist of a series of process steps. Different functions and processes with liquids and solids can be carried out. Usually the integration of measuring and control technology in a higher-level process control system is a component of the delivery contents.