The ZETTL-ETS®-Dryer allows liquid laden solids to be dried in an energy efficient, gentle and environmentally friendly way. Both low-speed and high-speed paddle dryers are produced, which can be used for continuous as well as batch dryers. Vacuum Paddle dryers allow you to dry gently and by optimising space requirements the heat transfer area can be maximised. An important part of our product range is the former BUSS paddle dryer programme.



Agitated Nutsche Filters are used for the mechanical separation of solid-liquid suspensions with low to high solid content. Suspensions are filtered in batches and the liquid can be mechanically separated by means of vacuum and/or pressure. In a temperature-controlled design known as a filter dryer, a thermal solid-liquid separation can also take place following the mechanical process. Crystallization processes are also realised by using cooling conditions.



Vacuum drum dryers can be utilised for the thermal solid-liquid separation of solutions and suspensions, accommodating a wide range of consistencies and viscosities in low to high solid contents. In particular, sticky and adherent products, which cannot be processed using other drying methods, are most suited to such drying techniques. Vacuum drum dryers allow for very gentle drying, due in part to extremely short exposure times to heat and are therefore suitable for sensitive products.


Working in accordance with the proven ZETTL ETS® system, our mixers ensure a high level of mixing and product quality. They are used in the treatment of bulk materials such as powder and dust as well as for fibres, pastes and sludge. Mixing granulators have also been used successfully for continuous and batch processing of sludge and dust. Through expertise and determination a wear resistant granulation process has been developed, which is now well-established in Granulate of sinter mixtures.


Processing plants typically consist of a series of process steps. Different functions and processes can be executed on liquids and solids. The integration of measurement and control technology into a high-level processing system is usually a standard part of our scope of delivery. Our patented, 2-stage processing plant for continuous granulation is particularly in demand within the iron and steel industry as well as environmental technology.



Tank storage facilities are used for storing chemicals or flammable and water-hazardous liquids. They are subject to strict legal requirements and must be approved by the relevant, competent authorities. The dosing stations used are functional units for dosing and conveying liquids and solids of various kinds. They play an important role in the quality of the finished product in conjunction with other processing procedures.