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We provide innovative and custom-made solutions for your technical processing tasks.


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Examples from our product range

ETS® Mixer and Dryer

Our machines work on the basis of the proven ZETTL-ETS®-System and ensure high product quality and efficient processes.

ETS® Granulators

Our patent-registered process for continuous granulation ensures a narrow particle size distribution with high throughput capacity and low investment and operating costs.

Storage tanks and dosing systems

We deliver storage and dosing systems for chemicals, flammable and water polluting liquids, to be used within upstream and downstream production processes.

Treatment plants

Our treatment plants consist of a number of process steps; in most of the cases, bulk materials and liquid components are processed together – often under Ex-atmosphere. We provide convincing solutions for technical challenging tasks. 



Phone: +49 89 81 80 90 Fax: +49 89 81 80 933 E-Mail: info@zettl-munich.de