ZETTL Mixing granulators are developed for continuous and discontinuous treatment of industrial and municipal sludges and dusts.

Whether single-staged continuous process for mixing and granulating or patented two-step process for continuous granulation of sludges and dusts – we produce the right machine depending on the customer’s specification and application area.

Our granulators are used in particular in the iron- and steel industry as in the metallurgical and environmental technology. They ensure high throughput capacities at low investment and running costs. Throughput capacities up to 800 to/ hr. are achievable.

The ZETTL machines have been highly successful for mixing and granulating sinter mixtures. The raw materials used, especially the sinter returned materials are extremely abrasive and need, in combination with high throughput capacities, a special heavy duty equipment of the machines. 

In these cases, linings made of hard metal armored steel and selected plastic based alloys are used.

At particular stressed areas such as mixing tools the ZETTL-SPHERODUR® is being used. Even under extreme conditions, we reach 5 to 8 times higher lifetimes than with other hard metal reweldings.