​About Us

We are a Bavarian medium-sized company with head-office in Munich. For more than fifty years, we stand for being a competent and innovative partner for our clients, planning and building machinery and equipment for mechanical and thermal process engineering​​​​​​​.

Years of experience and the outstanding technical experience of our employees ensure a sophisticated, reliable and economic implementation of your investment project. Our project management and our processing follow the project manager system to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction and to guarantee a consistent implementation​​​​​​​

We support our customers from the early investment considerations until the final hand-over of the fully operational plant.

We offer state-of-the-art solutions tailored to their specific needs in the business segments


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ZETTL – we work according to the following principles

​✓   The customer is at all times at the focus of our actions
✓   We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions
✓   We are committed to the protection of the environment
✓   Careful use of resources and recycling take a high priority
✓   Training and competence of our team is the basis of our success
✓   Reliability and openness are important cornerstones in our self-conception