As a medium-sized company, Zettl provides outstanding, bespoke engineering solutions for machines and systems in mechanical and thermal processing technology. Collaborating with highly skilled and innovative partners for prestigious customers, Zettl has been excelling for sixty years now.  Our core products include paddle dryers, mixers, granulators and processing plants.

In addition to our headquarters in Munich, another branch was opened last year in Berga, central Germany. This new centre of excellence specialises in process technology and the construction of filter dryers, agitated nutsche filters and drum dryers.

Due to our excellent reputation we have attracted the experienced former employees of ‘DVA- Deutsche Vacuumapparate Holland-Merten GmbH’ thereby preserving the expertise of this company which has made a name for itself over the last eighty years. Specialising in the field of mechanical engineering, in particular paddle dryers, filter dryers and drum dryers, we are very proud to be able to add this know-how to our portfolio.

Decades of experience and the outstanding, professional expertise of our employees ensures a highly developed, reliable and cost-effective realization of your investment projects.

We offer state-of-the-art solutions tailored to their specific needs in the business segments


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ZETTL – we work according to the following principles

✓   The customer is at all times at the focus of our actions
✓   We deliver sustainable and innovative solutions
✓   We are committed to the protection of the environment
✓   Careful use of resources and recycling take a high priority
✓   Training and competence of our team is the basis of our success
✓   Reliability and openness are important cornerstones in our self-conception